I am looking for potential clients, for our mutual benefit. In this relationship, I can act as either a life planner / personal financial advisor or, in a more limited capacity, as a life and health insurance broker.

I offer you expertise, honesty, and choice.

What can you expect from my service?

Our respective roles


My service can entail comprehensive or modular (risk management, retirement planning, estate planning, investment management, etc.) plans, and I can provide either just planning services or insurance products (including some investments), or a combination of these. My work is contract-based, and my compensation alternatives include fee only, fee plus commission, fee offset, or commission only arrangements.

On the insurance side, you can get guidance and very good policies from me if you either
(i) want a general exploration and assessment of your situation because you are simply concerned about the potential effects of various health risks on your life or the future of your family or business; or
(ii) know more or less specifically that you want to buy, either for protection of yourself / your family, or your business, some

  • term life insurance
  • permanent life insurance (either pure protection or cash value plans)
  • long term disability insurance
  • critical illness insurance
  • long term care insurance
  • segregated funds
  • business overhead protection plans
  • health & dental plans.

There are dozens of insurance companies I have access to via a few brokerages, and I have the tools, expertise, and organizational background to select the best alternatives to any particular situation from among the wide selection of choices available. Sometimes, reviewing existing insurance policies and strategies offers opportunities to improve protection and/or save costs.

In addition to helping with various risk management and planning issues (comprehensive, retirement, educational or estate planning, etc.), I am committed to help you learn about managing your finances. My intention is to build client relations that last for many years. I use

  • several financial planning tools; and
  • comprehensive analysis of your financial situation to establish creative, effective, and tax-efficient solutions using insurance, as well as investment allocation strategies, with volatility considerations in mind.

What can you expect from my service?

Can I assure you that I will always find THE SINGLE perfect solution to your financial problems? In simple cases, especially when  only term insurance is involved, it's not too ambitious to expect even that. In general, however, reality is much more complicated, of course; and one should not easily buy into claims of such perfectness by anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't look for a magician; look for knowledgeable, reliable and honest advisors instead. I think I am such a person. I have the ticklish feeling, however, that I am not alone with such a claim. How to pick one of us? My basic advice: Look for professionals, as opposed to salespeople. Don't forget that professionalism is about dedication, independence, and both broad and deep knowledge and skills that are continuously updated. Ask your candidate advisor or broker about their independence, their background, the tools they use, and the way they operate. Ask for and compare with them alternatives, and clarify assumptions that the offered computer-generated illustrations are based on. Ask many questions, do not accept any suggestion without being clear and convinced about its worthwhileness. The most useful these problem-solving sessions are when they are based on, or lead to, an overall financial life planning approach.

Especially with insurance, I must emphasize the importance of the use of comparison software, since there are so many offerings. If one does select a policy from a small subset of all the choices available, it is very likely that /s/he will end up with unnecessary costs. In addition, there is the possibility that the features of the policy bought will match his/her specific needs much less well than if the decision was based on careful exploration of all the choices. Do not forget: for practically the same product, one company charges sometimes twice as much as another; and the company that is very competitive with one product, at a certain time, or for a certain client, can be quite uncompetitive with a different product, at a different point of time, or for someone else with different needs, age, smoking or health status, etc.

Even if I cannot promise wonders, free insurance (... unless you have some money to invest first), or longevity, I can surely promise that you will get honest and circumspect service if you ask me to survey your situation and make a tailor-made proposal to solve your insurance problems. Based on my training, software, and organizational background, I do believe that I can find at least as good solutions as anyone else. Therefore, I do not just accept it if you make me compete against other agents or brokers: I would positively greet that happening. You know, winning in real competition can be the best way for me, in terms of getting loyal customers ... meaning stable income and references to future prospects.

Of course, computers are basic tools with investment products and various plan illustrations as well, though in a somewhat different way. Here the emphasis is not so much on the direct comparison of available products, but rather on the ability to deal with details, like taxation issues, e.g., and their strength in handling a host of assumptions with clarity and flexibility.

Our respective roles

I see my role predominantly as that of an educator and facilitator, whose job is to research, collect and interpret information, and then make it digestible to clients so that they can make better decisions on important financial planning issues. Although insurance, both in itself and in its connections with other financial issues, is sometimes quite complicated, it should not be intimidating. After all, the basics are simple. The complication comes mainly from the multitude of choices, especially when they are not directly comparable. It is not rocket science, and not even an exact one; assumptions play a basic role in what kind of conclusion we get to. Again, being knowledgeable about some statistical, social, financial and quantitative stuff can help a lot with making our assumptions reasonable. Shortly, it is a knowledge business, and as such, it cannot be decently done without ongoing self-education; my commitment to that, I think, is a strength you can benefit from.

I cannot guarantee that it will take only a few minutes of your time, or just one occasion of sitting down together, to make a deal with me. It will depend on the circumstances; for purchasing a product, two meetings can be taken as normal. Usually I will get familiarized with your situation, needs and preferences on the first occasion. At that time, we can often select a few possible candidate issues for further scrutiny. I will come to the second meeting with written analysis and printed comparison of the best solutions I found so that you can pick the one you really want. When we do full-blown financial / life planning together, it takes at least two sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each to arrive at some useful outcome. The process itself, to be realistic and useful, takes your commitment, time, and attention. I cannot really prepare plans alone for you, only with you. Fortunately, this important activity can actually be exciting and enjoyable if interactive, dynamic, state-of-the-art software programs with thought-stimulating graphical interface are used.


With insurance, my compensation has to be commission based, and I am not even allowed to offer you any rebate. On the other hand, you are not obliged to buy anything you do not want, or pay for the consultation you receive. I will not hide my own interest from you in suggesting one policy or the other; in other words, I will not make a secret of the commission I can expect from various alternatives. I hope it will help me to convince you that I base my suggestion on your interest and not mine.

The situation is different when my service goes beyond the role of and insurance broker, that is when planning services are (also) included. My free consultation time is limited to one meeting in those situations. Being compensated on a fee-for-service basis is my preferred way. The main reason for this is that it is the best or perhaps only way to avoid conflict of interest situations (with the associated lingering suspicions and harmful incentives) which can poison client-professional relationships so much today. I think, the fee-for-service arrangement, being more honest and clear-cut, is better for both the client and the professional than avoidance or glossing over discussing compensation openly.

Just in case you missed the page about who I am, and you want to know something about that before contacting me, here the opportunity is again.

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